It’s 10 in the p.m.. Where’s YOUR mother?

Wow!  You guys are just cooking with gas!  I’m having the loveliest time reading about your extraordinary adventures.

At present Jen has eaten an Ethiopian feast, Jane went pantless on the T (and was consequently photographed for the Boston Herald), Chris survived a sandstorm, co-admin Rebecca’s mom survived a slew of 1st graders, Dawn drove hundreds of miles solo, I participated in my first poetry reading and SO.MANY.MORE.  If this is just the start of week 2, I have absolutely no idea what to expect for the rest of the year.  But I do know this: 2010 is full of so much crazy promise.  And to think, we still have another 50 and some weeks of fabulous adventuer to look forward to!

Keep doing what you’re doing.  You do it so well!