As a dyed in the wool hedonist. I hold firm to the belief that each and every day must, by necessity, hold some sort of pleasure, This could take tjhe form of something relatively small and indirect such as my pleasure at reading my daughters post this morning, expressing her joy at waking to birdsong outside her window. or something other, such as an invitation to dine with good friends. Rarely, quite rarely, are we so lucky as to find the pleasure of a new passion. For this weeks adventure, I decided to unearth my husbands compound bow and learn how to shoot it. After the rather large setback of finding myself lacking the necessary strenght to draw the bow, I was finally granted with the aid of said husbands muscle and the patience of my sons character (he nocked my arrows) the incredible satisfaction of releasing that damm arrow toward its target! NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!! I was however able to hit the backdrop once before losing the last arrow into the woods. I’M HOOKED!!!! I WENT SHOPPING FOR MY OWN BOW TODAY!!!!! My thanks to Club 52 for the challenge!