4/52 WHO DAT

Greetings adventurers!
i come to you as i settle back into my work week after having had a whirlwind 2 weeks of travel. The first trip was to New Orleans to attend an interpreting conferece. Greeted by palm trees was a definite welcome from the bitter snow covered Chicago of which my interpreter cohart and I live. We wre there to attend a series of workshops but as it turns out we skipped the 1st day and last day of the conference, opting to be tourists instead.

Oh New Orleans-we started off on a bad foot. We scoured and scoured the city for vegetarian fare, to no avail. We were schocked at the misogynistic revelry that is Bourbon Street. What had we gotten ourselves into?

The crazy fun of New Orleans caught me by surprise. At the beggining of the 5 day trip I was intent on staying as far away from Bourbon Street as possible. By the trips end I was cheering and drinking Hand Grenedes in the street.

Some of our favorite New Orleans activities included sipping the southern favorite Pim’s Cup ( a delightful beverage of Pims, lemonade and slice of cucumber.mmmm! it became our go to drink) visiting the legendary Cafe du Monde, searching for illusive vegetarian food (next to impossible), attending a ghost tour and descovering that ghost tour hecklers were more entertaining, getting the inside scoop on Katrina from some lovely local college students from Tulane.  We attended the 1st parade of Mardi Gras called the Krewe de Vieux.  It gives any Gay Pride parade a run for its money in terms of raunchiness. This was definitely not one to bring the kids too, thoough people did. I was handed kumquats from a man’s pocket on the parade route (still not sure about that one) and i fell in love with the Saints. Not so much the saints as screaming the WHO DAT chant anyhwhere and everywhere.

All in all, NOLA is a good time. I sure do love those Pim’s Cups.