Adventure #6: Hot Yoga

I have been wanting to take yoga classes for some time now. So on my walk to work today, I was thinking, “I wish there was a yoga studio nearby within walking distance of my apartment.” Within a minute, I found a place. This is proof that when you really want something and ask for it, you get it. Or maybe it’s a testimony to the saying of, “The universe gives you exactly what you need when you need it.”

I am really self-conscious about walking into places here in Korea where I will be singled out and need to communicate with Korean folk. This is mostly due to my horrible Korean language ability and the fact that I cannot just walk into a place here and expect to blend in. So I was really proud of myself that I didn’t hesitate and just pulled the door open. I noticed immediately upon entry the six people standing at the front desk because when I walked in and took my shoes off they all stared at me and laughed. This is not uncommon, being laughed at. It’s what you get when you’re a foreigner in Korea. It’s not rude, it’s more excitement at the sight of someone “different” in a purely homogenous society.

So, luckily one of the staff spoke English and within minutes I was offered a great deal for hot yoga classes with an extra free month as service (service is what they call getting things for free here). They offer classes everyday all throughout the day. The instructor does not speak English, so I will be taking yoga for the first time with a Korean speaker. It should be interesting, much like everything else that I’ve experienced while living in this country.