5/52 – Being a Good Sport

I am not athletic. People always ask if i play/ed a sport. Usually they ask if i played softball or volleyball. In high school i thought it was kind of flattering, like i looked like i was in good shape, or maybe that i looked quick or agile. I never did. i did theatre, speech – was in the Just Say No Club and Environmental club. A Sportsless kid doesnt usually object to being mistaken for a sports kid. As i have gotten older, the question has taken on a different meaning. now im always defensive. “Why? because I’m stocky and I date women? Is that why?”

I love to work out, to run, to be active–but im not coordinated or competitive. i embarrass myself in competitive sports but
I’ve joined up with a few intramural teams over the past several years–softball, volleyball and women’s soccer.

Its been a long time though, and since Ive been feeling adventurous, when a colleague from worked asked if i wanted to join her “Big Gay Badminton Team,” I thought “Gay Badminton?” “Sports?” “Here I come!”

Adventure #5 was actually harder than i thought it would be. Im not that good, and its more physically demanding than I thought. But its a rocking good time–plus, im made some new friends! Details on adventure #6 are forthcoming. It was a little hard on my body, too!

Now thats an action shot.