5/42 Creating Change

My week 5 adventure was a trip to Dallas, Tx for the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce Creating Change Conference. I am a sign language interpreter and this was my first conference-we’ll pay for your plane and hotel-gig. Being a gay myself, I was very excited about this trip.

It was a very busy week of interpreting, learning, workshopping  and singing karaoke.  I felt that it was a personal challenge/adventure for me because I went not knowing anyone. its easy for me to be an introvert but i stepped out of my shell and had a great time. I absolutely adored my roomate/co-interpreter. I learned a lot from her as an interpreter and as a queer activist in general.  We bonded over nightly desserts at the hotel restaurant, the go to being white and dark chocolate bread pudding. So good!  It was truly amazing to be surrounded by queer folk 24/7.  im gonna say it, it was a life changing experience and it has shown me that i can be a part of social justice and change in the world and that sign language interpreting is a perfect gateway for that.